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8pm, 9pm & 10pm

1 band each night       three 45 min sets       $6 per person per set

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Friday - Rain City

"If No Doubt had a child with Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Rage Against the Machine, it would be Rain City" 
Vancouver, BC

Saturday - Henry Small Band

Formerly from the band Prism, Henry's soulful voice and electric violin must be seen and heard to be believed. a legend of Canadian rock
Kamloops, BC

Sunday - Daveton Jones &
The Vanilla Gorillas

The soulful voice of Vanilla Gorillas’ lead vocalist, the Jamaican born Daveton Jones, who sang with the famous Vancouver steel band, the Soul Survivors, for 12 years. Also on vocals will be the amazing and skillful drummer, Richard Graham, whose own jazz-rock band, the Backbeats, was a big hit on the Jazz Club stage. Additionally, the Vanilla Gorillas feature the groovy talents of Kris Ruston on organ and vocals, Graham How on trumpet and Neil Brun on bass.

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